Saturday, January 11, 2014

Moose: Who Gives A Shed?

The temperature isn't the only thing that's started dropping in the North Woods! We found our first sheds when the temperatures dipped around 37 below last week. Now that mating season has ended the moose's testosterone levels are evening out and antlers are dropping. It's the time of year that Mainers everywhere strap on their snow shoes and rev up their sleds to alleviate that "horny" feeling.
Moose sheds are a hot commodity, that can be sold for up to $10 a pound. They are used for dog treats and decorative purposes.
I visited a man cave Downeast today.

The picture doesn't really do it justice....there are about 60 sheds here.

These guys look tall and tough when standing still, but oh dear, don't they look foolish when they run! We have been able to follow a few of them running down the road when they jumped out in front of the vehicle and there's nothing pretty about it! There's a little added goofiness when they take on that lopsided look. They are so fun to watch...and beautiful in their own way. :)
sheds3 sheds2

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