Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Comin' Up Reality Road

A dog, a cat, two little boys, a husband, a wife, and lots of groceries.
We crammed it all in on the last trip we made back into Clayton Lake. After the rainfall a little over a week ago, the Reality road turned to a smooth glare of ice with a little dirt tossed on top in some places.

The MURS radio was probably the most active I have heard it. Most voices that came over the radio were monotone and pretty bland...but there were a few that made me chuckle.

"Mile 41. Heading down Reality. Wide. Loaded."

"Mile 13. Comin' up Reality. Empty."


A few of the truckers made a dramatic production of your typical shout out on the radio. Most were spoken in heavy French Canadian accents and the fun ones had a little sing song added to their voice...the rhythm reminding me a little of the cattle rattle of a southern auctioneer.

The logging trucks were answered with shout outs from other loggers and "four-wheelers". Four-wheeler is the term used on the MURS for any regular passenger vehicle.

"Mile 16. Coming down Reality. Four-wheeler."

I am so thankful for the communication of the radio. It isn't a warm fuzzy feeling that comes over you when you see a wide load logging truck coming towards you at 40 miles an hour on a road of ice sprinkled with a little dirt on top. It's a relief to know when they're coming.

The boys did awesome on the ride back in and I was able to see my first lynx! So exciting. What an elusive, beautiful creature.
Trigger was ready to get back into the woods. We were inside when we looked out to see him waiting patiently.

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  1. It was soooo icy last week! I'm thankful for the MURS too, in part because it's so amusing:)