Friday, September 27, 2013

Feeling Small

The boys and I took our first walk all by ourselves to the lake today. It was so warm!!! I definitely should've worn shorts. We went down to the shore for a while, and then to the end of the dock so Jackson could "go fishing". He kept getting "entangled" so Mommy was kept very busy. We didn't see much wildlife....just a few birds, a frog, some minnows, and a couple of dead moose tied up on the back of trailers.

The thoughts of the day....
When I'm in the house with the boys staying busy doing laundry, dishes, or sweeping (baaaahaha)....everything feels the same way that it would at "home". We get caught up in our routines and dinner plans and all of that "stuff". But when we go outside.....we get away from the "stuff". While sitting at the end of the dock looking out over the lake, I feel like it's easier to "see" my boys. I feel like it's easier to "see" myself. With the different colors in the changing trees, the hot sun, the bright blue sky, the fluffy white clouds, and that distinct smell of autumn....I feel like I'm being swallowed. I feel so, so small. And it isn't a bad feeling at all!!!

We had to collect our eggs before we left!
We have to pull back the kayak to get to them every day.

Practicing a little casting.  

This guy is ready.

My woodsmen.

Moose track

Someday he'll look at these pictures and dream of how it used to be. <3

He lives such a hard life.

I wanted so badly to let him crawl all over the lawn in front of the depot but there was geese poop EVERYWHERE!!! :((


This might look like something you'd see in a cow pasture....this is where you can find the moose here!

In front of the depot.

Sign of other human life. We aren't the only ones here!


  1. Beautifully composed. You will find the life of a warden's wife, at times difficult but will be far outweighed with the rewarding moments.

  2. Love your Blog!

  3. I am trying to post again here on your awesome Blog...

  4. I'm trying to post on here again! Aunt Stephanie :)

  5. Thanks for sharing your outdoor life! I really enjoy your observations on life, family and the natural world.