Saturday, May 10, 2014

Thirsty Moose

Yesterday was a gorgeous day up here in the woods, 67 degrees in the shade. Trucks are still not running and it is SO quiet. After lots of playtime with the wild creatures, I sat outside and read while they took their nap. I kept hearing a partridge drumming and wanted so badly to get a picture or a video. I walked up and down the road in front of the house trying to find it, but I couldn't tell where it was coming from.

After my failed photo opportunity, my better half showed up last night with these pictures on his camera. I know I'm going to be jealous when he passes me the camera with a smirk on his face and leaves the room. Jealous might be an understatement......

This guy stopped by the logging depot at Clayton lake for a sip of water.

IMG_0389 IMG_0387 IMG_0384

IMG_0313These are a couple of pictures of ticks on a moose who had been dead for a couple of days. Unfortunately, this is the end result for some after this long winter. IMG_0310

The refreshing warm weather has brought out several of these friendly faces this week. :)


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