Sunday, November 24, 2013

Stronger For It

This little guy is not known for excessive snuggling but when we left to come back to Machias this week, he gave extra snuggles to Daddy. Kids can be so intuitive.

We hate spending any time away from Daddy. With a very sporadic schedule, there are plenty of days that we don't see him until right before or after dinner or at bedtime. Some days we don't see him at all. No matter how much time we get to spend with him during the day....we don't care as long as he's home at night.

At this time last year, Evan was packing his bags and shining up his boots for week 15 (out of 18) of the basic law enforcement training at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy. What a major, MAJOR adjustment for our little family. I realize that there are plenty of people who go weeks and months without seeing their spouses or parents. For us, getting to see him late Friday night, Saturday, Sunday, and early early Monday morning would never seem like enough. For the majority of those weeks I was very pregnant and taking care of our sweet two year old little boy. Every day, several times a day, for months I counted down the days to his graduation. Little did I know that we would get the call from the Warden Service during his last week of the police training, and I would start another 12 week countdown for the Advanced Warden Service training.

Last year was probably the hardest year of my life...30 weeks is a LONG time to spend so much time apart. But in hindsight I'm very thankful that it happened that way. I have no doubt that it certainly made me stronger as a person and made us stronger as a couple. It was awesome preparation for this new life. He may be gone for most hours in a day some weeks, but we had got used to having him gone for most of our weeks! Now, to have him home at night to read a couple of books, start a couple of tickle fights, and tuck the boys into bed is a huge blessing to our little family.
Love this....I felt like when he came home and was sitting right beside me, I missed him because I knew he would be gone so quickly!
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