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Friday, November 1, 2013

Queen Anne's Lace

Things quiet down in September and October
Everything stills in November
Tall grasses sway
They whisper about flowers that will fade and fall away
Flashes of amber light up the field, the trees, the sky
One flower stays
Once light, white, and delicate
Now, transformed
Bound together, sturdy, and secure
Preparing for the inevitable
It towers over the meadow
Standing alone
Striking, solid, and tall
It is Queen Anne's lace in the fall

 A week or so ago I went with Evan to one of his trainings in Bangor. I sat in the truck for the majority of the time but eventually got bored. I grabbed my camera and started walking. While walking near a field I noticed this cool cage looking thing and had no idea what it was but knew that I wanted to take pictures of it! I came home and found out that it is actually Queen Anne's Lace. Such a cool transformation.....