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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fallen Warden Run


For six years, members of the Maine Warden Service and others have come together to remember their fallen brothers. Fifteen miles are run from the Maine Criminal Justice Academy to the Maine Fallen Officers Memorial in Augusta to honor the 15 Wardens who died in the line of duty. Members of the Maine Marine Patrol, Maine Forest Service, Maine State Police, New Hampshire Fish and Game, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife were represented in this year's run. The matching red shirts read, "We run for those who cannot." 
The group ran in three rows...no one left behind and no one running ahead. The fallen Warden flag flew high at the front of the line. It was the focal point at each mile mark as the group stood at attention while another banner with a Fallen Warden's name was added to the flag.
When we rounded the corner in Augusta, the capitol building stood tall. We ran to the front of the Maine Fallen Officers Memorial. I do not do well with the combination of uniforms, flags, and bagpipes.  It was a moving ceremony. 

 In the truck on the way to Augusta, I had asked Evan why the run wasn't scheduled in the spring or summer instead of the fall....the Warden's busiest season. Colonel Wilkinson addressed this during his speech. The run is scheduled in the fall, not out of convenience, but because it is the season of the game warden. This time is set aside to remember.
When we returned to the police academy and got into Evan's truck, he noticed that his odometer read 2202, the call number of Daryl Gordon, the last Warden who died in the line of duty. 
15 Fallen Game Wardens. 15 Miles. Never forgotten.
 Lyman O. Hill 1839 - 1886
Charles W. Niles - 1886
Arthur G. Deag 1901 - 1921
Leslie Robinson 1901 - 1921
David F. Brown 1870 - 1922
Mertley E. Johnson 1901 - 1922
Lee H. Parker 1877 - 1927
Jean Baptiste Jalbert 1886 - 1933
Robert Lee Moore 1889 - 1935
Randall E. Shelley 1902 - 1946
George E. Townsend 1919 - 1956
R. Lyle Frost Jr. 1926 - 1968
Richard E. Varney 1931 - 1972
William F. Hanrahan 1943 - 1992
Daryl R. Gordon 1950 - 2011

When we had first arrived at the police academy, there were other women dressed to run and I was devastated (we didn't know I could run!). I had everything but sneakers. Luckily I have man feet and we found a Warden with an extra pair..and they matched! I feel so thankful to have been able to share this day with my Warden and his comrades!

Thanks to Emily MacCabe for the pictures!